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So one day a bunch of Genesis Coupe drivers were sitting in Quartermaster's garage, on a clear, crisp evening. The cop across the street was peeking out his living room window at the thirteen BKs lined up in no particular order across the street in front of his house, entranced by the sight of Captain Tapatio vigorously humping the rear bumper of Quartermaster's car while wearing a helmet. It was at that moment, we knew it - we had a group of quality individuals here - mature, responsible, professional, and family friendly.
At the end of the evening, we all agreed on one thing - we wanted to see a few things happen with our car community, and we decided to be the ones to make those few things happen by actively fostering growth of the BK driver community and connecting vendors with that community to promote expansion of aftermarket parts availability and notoriety of the car. We decided that the end result we all wanted was the same - an organized team of drivers under one name (a sticker works too) which would be comprised of BK drivers who were serious about showing & tracking their cars, and making the hobby pay for itself a little in the meantime.

Chapter 11 is not a crew, a gang, or a car show team out to knock the world dead with a glass case of trophies. The Chapter 11 name is designed to stand for one thing - BK drivers who have put their ego aside to enjoy the hobby of tuning and driving their BKs in such a way that they approach the hobby with the intent of passing on every bit of help, advice, assistance and knowledge to every other BK driver. Sure, we spend plenty of time on the forums exchanging info, ripping on each other, bragging about builds, but Chapter 11 is more than that.

Ultimately the vision for Chapter 11 as a group of Genesis drivers is this - if you're on the road, on a cruise, at a meet, at a show, that BK driver you see wearing Chapter 11 on his car and/or clothing is going to be the go-to driver for being a genuine help to you as a fellow BK driver in every way, whether it's helping you install your exhaust or spotting you a couch to sleep on when your wife kicks you outta the house.

Chapter 11's primary goal is social networking for Genesis drivers who understand the value of using their car as a gateway to do a number of things - make the hobby pay for itself a bit, meet trustworthy friends, get hookups, go on life-changing epic cruises where you break the bank at the gas station, the list goes on.

Yes, we are a team of Genesis drivers; no, we do not have weekly powwows. No we do not collect membership fees, we do not have membership cards. We are not a VIP group of elitists. We ARE a team specifically for drivers who will put the time in to prep their cars for shows, meets and track events in such a way that any sponsor on our list would be proud to pull that 1000whp GTR off their website and throw up a photo of your underdog Hyundai because it is that clean.

Fifty percent of being a Chapter 11 driver is not being an egotistical douche, and thinking of others first. The other fifty percent is putting in the time and taking the care to build a car that's not like everything else on display next to you at the show - clean, professional, either a spotless show car, or a genuinely used & abused track car that is legit from head to toe.

We have more fun because... we say what we do, and we do what we say - and lets be honest here, we just get a kick out of responding every day with "Actually, it's a Hyundai."


- QM