Team Roster

Before you click that link and send off that email, please, for our continued existance as a species, verify the following:

1. You read the RULES.
2. You're on the HAYWAGON.
3. You own a Genesis Coupe.
4. You actually go to shows.
5. You can get out of bed.
6. You aren't a multiple felon.
7. You are clothed and sane

Write us an email - legible English and complete sentences are a plus - and include the following:
- Name
- Cell phone contact
- Year/Trim of Genesis Coupe
- At least two photos (the car, not you)
- A Complete Mod list
- Shows attended, Magazine/web articles etc.
- Where you is
- What do you bring the team?
- What will Chapter 11 gain from your participation?