Preamble: Chapter 11 is a pay-to-play organized team. You do not pay anyone any membership fees to participate. You must actively participate at whatever level you choose to/are able to. If you would like to show with the group, buy a Genesis and meet show criteria. If you would like to attend a show with the group, you foot your own expenses, including your fraction of any non-inclusive show expense (booth cost, models to pose with the car, photographer if necessary, floorspace, entry fees, track fees, etc). If you wish to wear a Chapter 11 vinyl on your car, t-shirt, or ballcap, you pay cost only for their production. This is not a charity and it's nothing personal - if you can't foot your fraction of whatever expenses are involved in an event, you don't show under the team name.

1. Minimum show prep requirements -car must have ON IT:
- Aftermarket wheels (all four matching) OR OEM rims properly powdercoated (all four matching) or properly painted.
- Suspension drop (both sides must match NO CUT SPRINGS) of some kind
- Aftermarket exhaust (must be even, may not protrude aft of rear bumper more than 9")
- One visible engine mod (visible meaning if you pop your hood, it's visible)
- *** EXCEPTION: If your car makes > 350whp, and you want sleeper status, you may HAVE IT.

2. Minimum track prep requirement - DOT approved race helmet bearing Chapter 11 vinyl, visible on drivers' side and/or front of helmet. Car must meet all track safety requirements 100% [duh], and may not be missing any complete body panels. Example: drifting a car will inevitably crack and damage bodywork. This is understood to be "chill, bro". What isn't, is you tracking your car under the Chapter 11 name while people are photographing you bombing around with no front/rear bumper/skirts on the car because you are too cheap or lazy to fix it.

3. Public street behavior - due to the nature of laws pertinent to organized show/racing "crews" or teams in the state of California, Florida and elsewhere, should you be found to have been arrested and/or charged in a case involving organized street racing or felony charges (such as evasion, felony reckless driving/endangerment, felony property dmg etc) you will be expelled from the team and your Chapter 11 vinyls WILL come off either by your own hand or someone else's.

4. Exterior appearance - while we keep a laundry list of stuff we DONT want to see on a car wearing a Chapter 11 vinyl, we simply ask that your car be undamaged & clean: hygenically, and mods-wise. Peeling, spray-painted rims, lightning vinyls down the side of your car, Sprewell rims, underbody neon, basically if you saw it in Fast & Furious, it's not happening on one of our cars. These are cars we enter into shows; they are going to have vinyls, stripes here and there, wacky colored lug nuts, maybe even a wing or a body kit. Whatever you put on your car, put it on RIGHT or dont put it on at all.

5. Your own appearance at shows & track events must be clean. You need to shower, wipe your ass and your breath may not kill small plants or animals. Bare minimum t-shirt + jeans which are not torn to shit (ergo no large holes). Closed toe shoes please, no birkenstocks, we are not a hippie commune. When you appear at a show/track event, if you smell/wreak of alcohol or drugs, or display irresponsible behavior indicating consumption of such, you will be asked to leave the event. If that shit happens a second time, you'll get the boot. We wear size thirteens.

6. Please for the Love of God relax and have fun, and check your ego at the door, this is about the cars, not you.

Team Roster